DotA 1.5

DotA 1.5 Updates Always check for new!

On Next Update (1-2 weeks after Installer v1.1 Release)
  1. Reworking the map (reducing its file size).
  2. Adding new UI worked by merthy (Team Symbianize).
  3. Hopefully can fix all modified Hero Names.
  4. Doing our best working with the Hero Response Sounds and Skills SFX.
  5. More updates for hero models and buildings.
  6. May include buildings w/out glow effect (reducing lag for other users of DotA 1.5)

[k]ruezer - Team Symbianize

DotA 1.5 Patcher Installer

DotA 1.5 Patcher Installer -free to download.
3 PARTS .RAR FILE - "DotA 1.5 Installer.exe"
Total File Size: 302 MB
Per .RAR Part Size:  100MB+
Password: kruezer

Instructions (please be guided)

Make sure you already downloaded the DotA 1.5 Patcher Installer. DotA 1.5 Mod will run smoothly in a fresh Warcraft III - Frozen Throne. Please UNINSTALL any existing Mod (if there is) in your Warcraft III.
RECOMMENDED: Kindly create another folder of Warcraft III for DotA 1.5
Now follow the main instructions below: (click photos for larger view)
Instruction #1
  • Run the installer, click the appropriate buttons then locate your Warcraft III directory (the Warcraft III folder you created for DotA 1.5) then install.
Instruction #2
  • Now run your DotA 1.5.exe inside the Warcraft III - DotA 1.5. Check if the main menu was changed.
  • If no changes at all, go back to the Warcraft III - DotA 1.5 folder, locate the SetupReg.exe and Enable DotA 1.5.reg then run it As Administrator.
  • Run again, see changes?
Instruction #3
  • Now in main menu of Frozen Throne, go to Options > Video and adjust the settings like in this photo -->
(lowest possible video settings)
  • If you got a powerful Video Card, you may set the Video Settings to HIGH for better visual effects.
Instruction #4

DotA 1.5 Maps  6.74c and Ai 6.74c 1.3b

After you successfully patched and install DotA 1.5, you must download and use our DotA 1.5 Maps: 6.74c and AI 6.74c 1.3b before playing.
Please proceed @ Maps Page

 Enjoy and have fun while playing with DotA 1.5!


DotA 1.5


A Blizzard's Warcraft III Frozen Throne: Defense of the Ancient Modification that brings you the Dota 2 of Valve to your DotA gaming experience.
This includes the modified Warcraft III - Frozen Throne Main Menu (inspired from the Dota 2 Logo Screen), DotA 1.5 Maps (v6.74c and Ai 1.3b)New Dota 2 HUD for Dota (stone HUD), Dota 2 Hero Models in playing DotA, Terrain, Buildings and other stuffs from Dota 2 to DotA that will give you new excitement in playing.
DotA 1.5 Symbianize Community Version is made by Symbianize Community Team from We compiled all of the latest things and stuffs from and compacted it to a working "Patcher Installer" for Warcraft III - Frozen Throne: Defense of the Ancient. (More details and credits here.)

 DotA 1.5  Features

DotA 1.5 Installer
Radiant Stone HuD (Str-Agi-Int)
DotA 1.5 Main Menu
Dire Stone HuD (Str-Agi-Int)
DotA 1.5 Heroes (Dota 2 Ripped Models)